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Pediatric Dentistry Services In Manhattan, New York

Finding quality pediatric dental care is essential to ensure your child's teeth stay healthy and free of decay as well as other dental diseases. Finding someone who specializes in providing expert pediatric dental care will also help to promote good oral hygiene as soon as infancy. This, of course, is a significant part of providing your child with the type of long-term oral care that they deserve. Dr. Lily Eng and her team are committed to providing the best pediatric dental care in Chinatown, NYC. Our experts here at Sunny Dental offer children and families with several pediatric dental care services, including:

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Updates On The Growth Of Your Child's Teeth
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal
  • Cavity Removal
  • Orthodontic Care
  • and More!

Are you looking for the kind of professional pediatric dental services that your family deserves? If so, the experts here at Sunny Dental Care are the right choice for you!

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are materials that protect children's teeth from cavities. Teeth brushing and flossing may not be sufficient to clean up the groves and fissures of the biting surfaces of molar teeth in a child. Dental sealants are air-tight plastic shields that are flown into teeth surface to protect them from a dental infection.
Dentists frequently perform this task during the child's routine dental visit. The pediatric dentist carefully cleans the teeth before the application of sealants. With proper care, parents can ensure that the child is free from toothache

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are used in pediatric dentistry when children lose teeth or when a decayed tooth needs to be extracted. Space maintainers are stainless steel or plastic. They are custom made by the pediatric dentist. Both removable and fixed space maintainers are available.
They prevent the moving of nearby teeth towards the gap and ensure that the difference is maintained for the permanent tooth to erupt. Proper care must be taken to clean space maintainers to prevent the accumulation of dental plaque around the soft gum tissues.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings can help to restore decayed teeth in children. The process of removing decayed teeth requires a local anesthetic. The dentist will carefully remove the rotten part of the enamel using drills before filling the surface.
Once the decayed part is removed, and the tooth is cleaned, the dental filling material is filled on the surface. The procedure is quite quick and painless. The dentist finally explains to parents how to protect the fillings.

Dental Crowns

The primary teeth of children should be protected when they are damaged from injury or decayed severely. The molars are the teeth that are commonly protected using dental crowns. Stainless steel is the most widely used metal crown for the protection of children's teeth. Placement of dental crowns in children usually happens in a single visit.
Local anesthesia is used during the process. Dental dams are used to protect teeth nearby and other areas, including lips and cheeks when the decayed part is being removed by the dentist. Tooth decay is removed, and the tooth is shaped to hold the crown. Finally, the crown is cemented over the tooth of the child.

Fluoride Treatment

As a preventive method against dental decay, fluoride treatment is one of the recommended procedures for children. Together with dental sealants, fluoride treatment can protect children from tooth decay by up to 95%. A fluoride treatment involves the professional application of fluoride at the dental office.
Five percent sodium fluoride varnish is one of the commonly used agents for the purpose.

Dental Prophylaxis

Plaque removal is necessary to prevent tooth decay in children. Research has shown that routine maintenance of oral hygiene is not sufficient to remove bacterial plaque from the oral cavity of children. Therefore a professional dental cleaning or dental prophylaxis is recommended for children. Toothbrush, rubber cup, and other mechanical instruments are used for a professional dental cleaning.

Root Canal Treatment

When a primary tooth or premature permanent tooth is lost because of severe tooth decay, the after-effects are quite rigorous. Root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth, which supplies nutrition to the tooth becomes infected. Unlike the root canal process for adults, the procedure is quite complicated with children.
For example: in indirect pulp treatment, only the decayed soft portion of the pulp should be carefully removed by the pediatric dentist. Since the pulp aids in the growth of the child's tooth, the process is quite crucial. Therefore a dentist thoroughly examines the condition of the tooth before finalizing the type of treatment.

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