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Any time you’re looking for quality cosmetic dental services in Chinatown, it’s essential to find a dentist that specializes in multiple areas of Cosmetic Dentistry. The experts here at Sunny Dental Care provide quality teeth whitening services, cosmetic bonding procedures, smile makeovers, and more. We approach each cosmetic dental procedure we perform at our NYC clinic with the attention to detail that it deserves. Any quality cosmetic dental procedure requires an experienced cosmetic dental professional like the ones here at Sunny Dental Care. Dr. Lily Eng and her team of experts are committed to providing the type of quality cosmetic dental services that always leaves our patients feeling better about themselves. Are you not sure about what cosmetic dental procedure you may need? Luckily for you, we’ve included each of the cosmetic dental procedures we perform below. When you’re ready to come in, feel free to give us a call and set up an appointment. We hope to see you soon!

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Quality teeth whitening treatments involve a comprehensive approach toward improving the aesthetics of someone’s smile. With the help of an experienced dentist, teeth whitening treatments can help to enhance someone's smile significantly. Dentists perform a tooth whitening treatment by examining the patient’s teeth and gums before getting any treatment.

The benefits of getting a teeth whitening treatment from a dentist instead of using at-home procedures are plentiful. The most significant advantage of getting a tooth whitening treatment from a dentist, however, is the fact that a dentist has access to tools and procedures not available to the public. A dentist can also educate you on how to keep your teeth whiter post-treatment and even monitor your progress as needed. That type of care only comes with seeing a specialist like the ones here at Sunny Dental Care in NYC to help get that smile of yours looking better than ever.

Give Sunny Island Dental a call today if you're looking for an expert teeth whitening treatment in Chinatown, NYC

Cosmetic Bondings Treatment

A cosmetic tooth bonding involves the process of bonding tooth-colored resins onto a tooth to help improve its appearance. Getting a cosmetic tooth bonding is an effective cosmetic dental treatment designed to help reshape any damaged tooth. Whether your tooth is chipped, decayed, or discolored, you can quickly get a cosmetic tooth bonding at an excellent dental clinic in NYC if you from Chinatown and Manhattan. This procedure will help fill the gaps between any damaged teeth. Unlike dental veneers, the process of a cosmetic tooth bonding doesn't require molding and can be performed during a single dental visit.

When you're looking to get a cosmetic tooth bonding procedure performed in Chinatown, it takes a qualified specialist like the ones here at Sunny Dental Care to get the job done right. We provide our patients with the best cosmetic tooth bonding services in NYC. We also offer our patients with an unparalleled level of quality care. Give our experts here at Sunny Dental Care a call today and set-up an appointment for your cosmetic tooth bonding procedure.

Dental Veneers Treatments

Are you unhappy with your smile? If yes, then you can improve it by undergoing dental veneers treatment in NYC. Quality dental veneers are custom-designed, thin porcelain layers are bonded onto a patient's teeth to create straight and healthy-looking teeth without the use of more traditional methods. It generally takes two visits to complete any dental veneer procedure.

The entire procedure is a relatively simple step-by-step process:

  • During a patient's first visit, one of our dentists will remove a small amount of their enamel and take an impression of their teeth.
  • That impression is then sent to a highly qualified technician who will design that patient's custom dental veneers and send them back to our office.
  • It generally takes between 7-10 days for those dental veneers to arrive. During that period, the patient will wear temporary veneers that are custom made by the dentist before the patient leaves our office.

Did we also mention that Veneers require no shots, no drills, and are completely painless? We, at Sunny Dental Care, have been serving patients from Chinatown and Manhattan with our high-quality dental veneers. Give us a call and find out if you're a candidate to get dental veneers today!!

Crown Lengthening Treatment

Getting a crown lengthening done in NYC is a process that involves the reshaping of soft gum tissues and bones to expose more of a patient’s natural tooth/teeth. Depending on the complexity of a patient’s particular dental condition, we will create a treatment plan to ensure that the crown lengthening procedure goes smoothly. When getting any crown lengthening done, our dentist may be required to reshape your gums at the base of the affected tooth as well. Crown lengthening is done to help extend the height and size of any portion of the affected tooth visible above the gumline.

Depending on the severity of a patient’s situation visiting at Sunny Dental Care from various locations like Manhattan and Chinatown, we may take some additional actions during their crown lengthening procedure. Our dentist may need to remove some portion of the supporting bone structure to help restore the tooth and contour the gum tissues accordingly. After the process has been completed, your tooth restoration will look and feel better structurally. If you feel like you may be the right candidate for a crown lengthening procedure, give our experts here at Sunny Dental Care a call today

Porcelain Inlays Procedures

Replacing any large fillings in the back of a patient’s teeth often requires more robust, more precisely contoured restorations. These restoration procedures are known as porcelain inlays. A porcelain inlay is a pre-molded filling fitted into the grooves of a patient’s tooth. When getting a porcelain inlay procedure performed in NYC, the patient is given a local anesthetic. One of our dentists will then drill that affected tooth before removing it to clean out the decay.

Porcelain Inlays are a quality restorative method used to help patients from Chinatown and other areas across NYC repair a tooth after its sustained damage due to an injury or decay. We will then take an impression and send it to a laboratory where those porcelain inlays are created. All-porcelain inlays are custom-made at an off-site dental lab and may require multiple visits to complete any procedure. Once we receive the patient’s custom porcelain inlays, that patient will return to our office where the restoration will be bonded into place. If you feel like you may be an excellent candidate to receive porcelain inlays, give our experts here at Sunny Dental Care a call today.

Porcelain Onlays Treatment

Onlays help to protect a patient's teeth in a very similar way to how crowns do. Porcelain Onlays are used to help repair a tooth that has extensive damage affecting the top or surface area of a person's tooth. Onlays are meant to help a patient obtain a much more natural look and structure to their tooth/teeth and are designed to last for a very long time. When properly cared for, Onlays should provide a patient with decades of regular use.

When a patient from Chinatown or any other areas surrounding NYC comes into Sunny Dental Care to receive porcelain onlays, one of our dentists will numb them with an anesthetic and drill the affected tooth. This is done to clean out the cavity, remove any decayed material, and insert a temporary onlay. After that, our team will send an impression of the patient's tooth/teeth to a laboratory. About a week or so later, their permanent porcelain onlays will arrive. After their next visit, one of our dental experts will remove the patient's temporary onlay and fit them with their new permanent porcelain onlays.

Sunny Dental Care has served thousands of patients from Manhattan, our custom-made porcelain onlays, to restore the beauty and function to their teeth. If you think you may be a candidate for porcelain onlays, give our experts here at Sunny Dental Care a call today.

Porcelain Crowns Procedure

Porcelain Crowns can help protect a person's natural teeth and improve the overall appearance of their smile as well. Porcelain Crowns can be created to mimic the presence of a natural crown, which is why it is such a highly preferred procedure in the world of cosmetic dentistry. For this reason, most people from Chinatown, Manhattan, and NYC go for porcelain crowns procedure. Because porcelain crowns are made to look very natural and mimic real teeth, they also provide patients with a genuine feeling of comfort. Another great thing about porcelain crowns is that they are also translucent.

This means they'll always look very bright and clean (giving them a more aesthetic look). There are some of the additional benefits to getting porcelain crowns:

Porcelain Crowns help protect a damaged, severely decayed, or discolored tooth.

  • Their biocompatibility is another added benefit to getting porcelain crowns.
  • In many cases, crowns are more likely to be used when restoring a patient’s front teeth. They can be placed in other areas as well.
  • If you think you may be a suitable candidate for porcelain crowns in NYC, please give the experts here at Sunny Dental Care a call today

Smile Makeovers Treatment

Getting a quality smile makeover involves a comprehensive approach toward improving the aesthetic look of a person’s smile through the use of Veneers, Lumineers, Crowns, or Implants. When smile makeovers are used and cared for properly, these smile makeovers can help to improve a person’s smile significantly. Before performing any such procedures in NYC, one of our dentists will perform a thorough examination of the patient. They will look at the patient’s teeth and gums to create a viable treatment plan that will help improve the look of that patient’s smile. Smile Makeovers can be a game-changer for many people, and they can help improve the overall quality of someone's life.

Getting a quality smile makeover from Sunny Dental Care involves a combination of different factors. Our dentists are highly trained and qualified to help patients, from Manhattan, Chinatown, and other areas across NYC, figure out what type of smile makeover may be right for you. Do you think you may be the right candidate for one of our smile makeovers? If so, give the experts here at Sunny Dental Care a call today!

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