Dental Implants

Implant Supported Fixed Dentures

Implant supported fixed dentures are wonderful alternatives for conventional dentures which create discomfort to patients. A full-arch of prosthetic replacement is supported by a few dental implants which are integrated with the jaw bone. Titanium implants are most commonly used for this purpose. There are retaining screws which help the dentures stay in place. These types of dentures are very effective when compared to their removable conventional counterparts.

Over Dentures

Over dentures are prosthodontic replacements which are supported by dental implants. There are several ways in which dental implants can support teeth. Both partials and dentures can be supported by artificial teeth roots. This type of restoration supports biting and chewing function to a great extent. Patients feel very comfortable when living with over dentures. Removable over dentures have bars which are fixed over dental implants. The custom-made over denture is then fit over the bar. This over denture can be removed whenever necessary. Starting from two to as many as 5 or more dental implants can be used to support over dentures in an arch.

All On Four

All-on-4 is an advanced prosthodontic solution to replace all teeth from a dental arch. There are 4 implants which support the prosthodontic teeth arch. These implants are positioned in a particular fashion in order to be able to perfectly support the appliance by taking the bite forces. The denture perfectly supports the facial muscles making the patient look young and attractive. This type of restoration reduces bone resorption when compared to conventional dentures. The healing time is less and the patient does not have to visit the dentist frequently after the treatment is complete. The treatment has high-success rate and it is one of the preferred restoration of modern times.

Sinus Graft

Maxillary sinus is a bone which is located in the cheek area below the eyes of a person. When there is a molar tooth missing in the maxilla the supporting bone starts to shrink over a period of time and becomes thin. This bone does not have sufficient volume to hold a dental implant. Sinus graft is a procedure performed to build the maxillary sinus bone so that it can hold the implant. A temporary opening is made in the bone and the membrane which adheres to the bone is detached in order to fill the area with bone substitute material. The surgery is a complex process and dentists take all steps for quick healing. Once the maxillary sinus is healed the bone is ready to take the dental implant.

Bone Graft

Bone grafting is a process which is essential when there is insufficient bone to hold the implant. If a lost tooth is not replaced in time the bone which supports the tooth starts to shrink. Dental implants cannot be inserted in such bone which does not have sufficient volume. Different bone grafting techniques can be followed to augment the bone. The complexity of the procedure and the time required for healing depends on the amount of bone loss. When there is more bone loss the dentist may use blocks of bone in the region. Titanium screws can help keep the bone block in place. Over a period of several months the bone is healed and the jaw is ready to take the implant.

Sedation Dentistry

Dental implant surgery may take over an hour for completion. Patients are generally concerned about spending this time in comfort. Sedation dentistry can help in keeping patients relaxed during the surgery. There are different techniques in sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide, oral sedation and deep sedation are commonly followed during the dental implant surgery. The choice of a process depends on the anxiety level of the patient. There are special equipments for deep sedation which can help monitor patients continuously during the procedure. This ensures safety of the patients while the dentist can concentrate on the surgery.


I found out about Dr. Eng while searching for a new dentist in general but also for someone knowledgable about dental appliances for sleep apnea. My last dentist had palmed me off on a 20-something year old assistant who seemed to not know how to take the molds and the dentist was uninterested in resolving the fit problems. Dr. Eng, on the other hand, is a complete joy to work with in every way. She is very pleasant, extremely knowledgable, really listens, takes her time and cares about doing quality work. Superb dentist.

J G.

Dr. End and the other dentist were very nice and professional. Dr. Eng explained a lot of things to me and helped advised me and another dentist did my cleaning. I had a great experience coming here as the dentist who did my cleaning did a great job. For years I thought I thought my teeth was a bit dirty as my previous dentist did not do a thorough job and the cleaning dentist explained that "oh its just stains". They did not half ass the cleaning like my previous dentist and I felt much more comfortable about myself afterwards. I highly recommend them as they know what they are doing and everyone is very nice.

Kwok y.
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