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Our office is in the beautiful city of New York, and we take pleasure in inviting you to browse through our website. We created our site to provide an overview of our dental office and the treatment offered here. Our dentist Dr. Lily Eng and her team, are committed to providing quality dental care to improve the health of the patient community in our city. Our team has worked hard for several years to master the art and science of dental medicine. Every patient is unique to us, and we approach every problem differently. Our focus on curing dental problems and preventing infection has been the reason behind the success of our dental office.

Browse through our website and find out more about our dental philosophy and treatments. We have patient education videos and articles on procedures performed at our office. Visit the gallery, and you may find some of the cases we have successfully treated.

We have built our office around the comfort and needs of our patients. All our staff members are friendly and help you with all information from the time you contact our dental practice. Our dentist is known for his sense of humor. We have many families in the city who depend on us for their dental care. Our office has state-of-art technology and equipment, which helps us in diagnosing a dental problem and curing the same. Our office is always getting upgraded with the latest equipment available on the market.

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Corona Virus / COVID-19 Announcement

We are now open and the office has added Stringent POST-COVID-19 safety protocols

  • Advanced air filtration systems
  • State of the art dental vapor removal system
  • Progressive sterilization with UV light.

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Regular Checkups

We encourage regular checkups for individuals age four and up. Most people find that it is valuable to have a checkup at least every six months, so our dentist can:

  • Check for problems that you might not see or feel
  • Find early signs of decay
  • Treat oral health problems early, while they are still manageable

Regular checkups include a thorough cleaning, polishing, and an oral exam by the doctor. During the oral exam, our dentist checks the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. At each visit, our dentist also checks old fillings and restorations because constant pressure from chewing, grinding, or clenching can cause them to wear away, chip, or crack.

Regular checkup appointments typically take 20 to 40 minutes. We do everything by appointment only. We make every effort to be on time for our patients, and ask that you extend the same courtesy to us. If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify us immediately.

Your first visit to our office typically includes:

  • X-ray that allows our dentist to view the structure of the jaw
  • The initial visit involves getting your medical history up-to-date information
  • Inform to our dentist if you have experienced recent hospitalization or surgery, or if you have recently been ill
  • Tell us the names, doses, and frequency of any medications you are taking
  • Inform our dentist of any changes in your health or medications
  • The information will help our dentist to select the safest and most effective method of treatment for you.


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