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What to expect during mercury amalgam removal

What to expect during mercury amalgam removal

With the advent of composite fillings, the use of mercury amalgam fillings has reduced incredibly. Well, this came after people had realized the numerous benefits they get with composite fillings and the adverse impacts of mercury on their health.

Let’s understand why composite filling is becoming the most talked about procedure among people.

Unlike mercury amalgam filling, the composite filling can easily blend in with the surrounding teeth. Also, composite bonds with the tooth while supporting it’s structure, which insulates your tooth and prevents any breakage. Hence, it provides patients with a tooth that looks natural and aesthetically appealing.

On the other hand, mercury amalgam filling comes with poor aesthetics and can take a toll on people’s health. This is because low levels of mercury are released by the amalgam, which is in the vapor form. If any patient accidentally inhales vapors of mercury, it can seriously affect their kidneys and the brain. This has even led people to remove their old dental amalgam fillings and replace them with composite fillings.

If you also have mercury amalgam filled in your cavities, then it’s the right time to replace them with a better filling option. To do so, firstly, you’ll need to search for a dentist that offers cost-effective and safe mercury amalgam removal procedure.

However, before you get yourself involved in mercury amalgam removal, it is good to know what to expect from the procedure. With this information, you will not feel intimidated and can confidently enter your dentist’s clinic.

Here’s what to expect during mercury amalgam removal!

If you wish to get those silver fillings removed, always choose a dentist with years of experience in performing dental amalgam removal procedure. Also, make sure your dentist uses the appropriate methods to minimize your exposure to mercury during the removal process. This is because there are chances that some mercury may get into your system through digestive tract, which can potentially affect your immune system and increase the toxicity level in your body. Hence, it is important to choose a dentist that offers safe mercury amalgam removal.

Before starting the process of mercury amalgam removal, your dentist will give safety glasses to protect your eyes. Also, you will be provided with an alternative air source, a nasal cannula, to ensure you don’t breath the air around your face where the concentration of mercury vapors is high. Your dental care provider will cover your nose with a dental mask, so that the mercury vapor doesn’t go into your nostrils.

Apart from this, your dentist should also use other safety measures during the procedure, such as:

  • Cold water spray to minimize mercury vapors
  • A rubber dam to prevent you from swallowing toxins
  • A high volume evacuator for quick and safe removal of mercury

Once the process of mercury amalgam removal is completed, you will need to thoroughly wash out your mouth and clean your face and wearables. Your dentist will immediately remove and dispose of his gloves to further reduce your exposure to mercury.


These are some of the things you may expect during mercury amalgam removal. After the removal of your silver fillings, your dentist will restore your tooth to its previous function and form, which is refilling your tooth. Depending on your needs, preferences and budget, your dental care provider will fill the spaces created by the amalgam removal with best suited filling material.

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