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The Truth Behind Fluoride Treatments

The Truth Behind Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring material that helps in preventing tooth decay and reducing acid-related enamel wear. Our teeth are not only prone to daily wear and tear but also to decay and damage due to the consumption of certain types of food items and beverages that have the potential to leave an adverse impact on them. Thus, many dentists have been recommending fluoride toothpaste and treatment to protect your teeth from such problems.

Fluoride can be found naturally in soil, food, and water. Today, it is also added to drinking water in some amount. It helps in making your teeth stronger and preventing cavities. Fluoride toothpastes and fluoride water have also been proved to be effective in reducing tooth decay and making tooth enamel healthy. In fact, dentists also use fluoride in their dental treatments for teeth strengthening and give protection against cavities.

But before we go for any of these two treatments, let’s have a clear understanding of their merits and demerits.


Fluoride treatments are most commonly used by dentists to improve teeth’s health and enable them to fight against tooth cavities. They are given in the form of a gel, rinse solution, or even a foam.

Brushing alone will not help. To maintain good oral hygiene, you need to undergo fluoride treatments. It helps in strengthening tooth enamel and making them less vulnerable to bacterias and caries.

But is fluoride safe?

Well, it depends on the quantity of fluoride you’ve been using on a daily basis.

Fluoride in high concentrations is not effective for preventing dental cavities. In fact, if a child has swallowed fluoride in more than a pea-sized amount, it is poisonous. Thus, they may be hazardous for children. Fluoride consumption may also be associated with the risk of cancer, dental fluorosis, and neurological impairment.

Dental fluorosis is most common in children when they ingest excessive fluoride. For this reason, many toothpaste manufacturers have a very small proportion of fluoride in children’s toothpastes.

Fluoride can also pose health risks if ingested in high concentrations. It can possibly be toxic to various organ systems. So we can say that its benefits are dubious at a few points.

Due to this concern, a lot of people have started using non-fluoride products and treatments.
Fluoride is not the only option for dental treatment, there are non-fluoride treatments which are being adopted by many dental clinics and for various good reasons.

We, at Sunny Dental, see the concern people have with fluoride treatments. Thus, we provide fluoride-free treatment as part of our preventative dental maintenance treatments. We have a professional and highly-qualified team of dentists serving patients with dental care services for all types of dental problems including non-fluoride treatment for teeth strengthening.

Your health is our priority. That is why we don’t let our patients compromise on their health and get exposed to fluoride. Our non-fluoride type of treatments are ideal and effective to strengthen the teeth of our patients.

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