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Reasons Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Reasons Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

There is a story that when you grow up, you will get a wisdom tooth which will make you a wiser person.

Although wisdom teeth are mostly harmless, most dentists recommend to patients that removal of the wisdom tooth is the wisest decision. Most ask me, “Why is a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary? Why should I remove my wisdom tooth if it’s not bothering me?” The procedure of wisdom tooth removal is completely safe and is one of the most common dental treatments in Manhattan.

Let’s explore other important reasons why removing a wisdom tooth is a wise decision.

A wisdom tooth is prone to cavity – Since wisdom tooth is hard to clean, it can easily get infected with bacteria and result in a cavity. What makes wisdom tooth hard to clean? It is located at the back of your jaw. Thus, it becomes difficult for our brush to reach it properly, which results in a lack of cleanliness and eventually cavity. Therefore, most dentists recommend wisdom tooth extraction before it leads to more painful dental problems.

Uncomfortable and inflamed gums – The back of the jaw usually has limited space for gums that support wisdom teeth. However, if the wisdom teeth grow bigger, the lack of space can easily make a way for bacteria to attack both teeth and gums. As a result, the gums may become red, inflamed and may have pus, which is usually painful. The infection can further spread to other parts of the mouth and can cause more infection. Thus, to prevent a situation like this, it is best to get your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible.

A wisdom tooth can cause life-threatening problems – Although wisdom teeth are not a bad thing, it can become problematic once it starts causing life-threatening problems. Wisdom teeth not only cause infection, cysts, and tumors to the surrounding teeth and gums but also affect other vital organs like kidney and heart.

In Conclusion

By undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction, you not only improve your oral health but it also reduces the risk of developing life-threatening problems. If your dental healthcare provider recommends wisdom tooth extraction, don’t worry. It is a very common dental procedure and it’s wise to get it done.

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