Fast Braces

Natural teeth are healthy and perform the best when they are perfectly aligned. Unfortunately not everyone has perfectly aligned teeth. The teeth may be out of place in some patients due to various causes such as genetics, childhood habits and insufficient space in the jawbone. An orthodontic treatment can help improve alignment of teeth by moving them in planned directions.

Fastbraces® is a system of dental braces which is designed to move teeth in a time span shorter than that of regular dental braces. While traditional braces may take years to treat an orthodontic problem, Fastbraces® may do it in weeks. The triangular shaped brackets are designed to effectively apply torque on the roots of teeth to bring about movement. Our dentist is one of the authorized Fastbraces® providers in the city of New York. To know more about the treatment and treatable cases click on the link below.


Clear Correct

ClearCorrect is an invisible way to straighten your teeth. If you do not like the idea of getting thick metal braces, ClearCorrect may be an option for you. The aligners are made of BPA-free plastic and do not cause any discomfort to patients. Since the aligners can be removed, you can eat your favorite food when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. We are one of the authorized ClearCorrect providers in New York. For more information on how ClearCorrect straightens teeth, call our office and make an appointment to meet our dentist.

Clear Braces(Generic)

The aim of an orthodontic treatment is to improve the alignment of teeth by moving them in planned directions using orthodontic appliances. Before the introduction of clear aligners, dentists depended mostly on braces having thick brackets and wires to treat bad bite. Soon after their introduction, clear aligners have become an esthetic alternative to thick braces, especially in cases where minor teeth movement is required. The aligners are convenient to wear and are removable. Patients can eat their favorite food since the aligners can be removed when eating. The aligners are virtually invisible when they are worn and hence do not cause any embarrassment to patient when smiling. Maintaining oral hygiene is easy when living with clear aligners. With all these advantages, aligners have certainly been popular especially among the young crowd. However, only a dentist can perform a comprehensive dental exam and tell a patient if his/her case is treatable using the clear aligners.


I found out about Dr. Eng while searching for a new dentist in general but also for someone knowledgable about dental appliances for sleep apnea. My last dentist had palmed me off on a 20-something year old assistant who seemed to not know how to take the molds and the dentist was uninterested in resolving the fit problems. Dr. Eng, on the other hand, is a complete joy to work with in every way. She is very pleasant, extremely knowledgable, really listens, takes her time and cares about doing quality work. Superb dentist.

J G.

Dr. End and the other dentist were very nice and professional. Dr. Eng explained a lot of things to me and helped advised me and another dentist did my cleaning. I had a great experience coming here as the dentist who did my cleaning did a great job. For years I thought I thought my teeth was a bit dirty as my previous dentist did not do a thorough job and the cleaning dentist explained that "oh its just stains". They did not half ass the cleaning like my previous dentist and I felt much more comfortable about myself afterwards. I highly recommend them as they know what they are doing and everyone is very nice.

Kwok y.
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