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LANAP Procedures in Manhattan, New York

If you've ever thought to yourself: "it would be really cool if my dentist didn't need to leave me in so much pain after my dental procedure," you'll love our LANAP Procedures. These are 100% non-invasive laser-based treatments used to help fight serious ailments such as Gum Disease. Each of our quality LANAP Procedures is all done right here in our offices at Sunny Dental Care and is performed by one of our highly trained dental experts.

But What Is Gum Disease?

Well, gum disease generally occurs when gingivitis has gone untreated to the point where it can no longer be treated using proper care at home or by getting a general cleaning from a dentist. This is important to note because once someone gets gingivitis, it can eventually turn into periodontitis. That can become very problematic because periodontitis can become a much more severe form of gum disease that will eventually result in a severe infection. That infection will ultimately eat away at your jawbone and can lead to your teeth falling out without proper treatment. This is why properly caring for your teeth before gum disease even becomes an issue is always recommended. If you do find yourself in need of getting a LANAP procedure however, thankfully the experts here at Sunny Dental Care in Chinatown, NYC specialize in providing patients with quality LANAP procedures and so much more.

How Does An LANAP Procedure Work in Tribeca, NY?

Each LANAP procedure we perform is completed using a free-running pulsed laser that assists in removing any diseased tissue without affecting any healthy tissue in a patient's mouth. The procedure also helps to maintain any existing tissue around a patient's teeth as well. The procedure also helps to minimize any pain or discomfort the patient may experience. Ultimately, LANAP procedures are less messy, less stressful, and less invasive than traditional surgical techniques, and highly preferred by most patients.

The Process (step by step)

  • The LANAP laser's perio-probe indicates the excessive pocket dep
  • The LANAP laser light removes any bacteria and diseased tissue
  • The LANAP laser finishes cleaning the pocket and aids in sealing the pocket closed so new germs cannot enter
  • Upon completion of the LANAP procedure, the patient's gums will begin to heal.


I had my first dentist appointment at sunny dental care. The experience was super great, from receptionist, dental assistant, to my dentist Dr. Wong. They are all super nice and helpful. Going to dentist used to be one of my nightmares, but not anymore when I find this gem! Btw, office provide bottle water, juice, and capsule coffee. For new patient, they give you a little welcome gift as well. I'll definitely recommend it to my friends.

Yuto N.

I was recommended this place by a coworker and I am SO psyched to have actually listened. What a joyful place for a dentist office!! That day, today, I ended up booking appointments for the fillings I had an instinct I needed. The walls are yellow, every face I met was kind, and I'll likely never go anywhere else as long as my NYC life shall live.. and as long as they keep taking my insurance. SO GRATEFUL! :)

Allee S.


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