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Natural teeth are healthy and perform the best when they are perfectly aligned. Unfortunately not everyone has perfectly aligned teeth. The teeth may be out of place in some patients due to various causes such as genetics, childhood habits and insufficient space in the jawbone. An orthodontic treatment can help improve alignment of teeth by moving them in planned directions.

FastbracesĀ® is a system of dental braces which is designed to move teeth in a time span shorter than that of regular dental braces. While traditional braces may take years to treat an orthodontic problem, FastbracesĀ® may do it in weeks. The triangular shaped brackets are designed to effectively apply torque on the roots of teeth to bring about movement. Our dentist is one of the authorized FastbracesĀ® providers in the city of New York. To know more about the treatment and treatable cases click on the link below.



I had my first dentist appointment at sunny dental care. The experience was super great, from receptionist, dental assistant, to my dentist Dr. Wong. They are all super nice and helpful. Going to dentist used to be one of my nightmares, but not anymore when I find this gem! Btw, office provide bottle water, juice, and capsule coffee. For new patient, they give you a little welcome gift as well. I'll definitely recommend it to my friends.

Yuto N.

I was recommended this place by a coworker and I am SO psyched to have actually listened. What a joyful place for a dentist office!! That day, today, I ended up booking appointments for the fillings I had an instinct I needed. The walls are yellow, every face I met was kind, and I'll likely never go anywhere else as long as my NYC life shall live.. and as long as they keep taking my insurance. SO GRATEFUL! :)

Allee S.


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